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General Information I The Oil Palm

The company pioneered commercial oil palm production in the Americas, establishing the first one in 1944 .  Today, oil palm is grown mainly in the southwestern regions of Costa Rica.  Apart from its own plantations, the company actively supports the plantations of independent farmers and cooperatives through financial and technical support.  Palma Tica has come to be recognized as the leader in oil palm production in Latin America because of its scientific approach to yield management.

Harvesting of oil palms begins 24 months after initial planting. The maximum production levels can reach up to 30 metric tons of fresh fruit bunches per hectare per year, with a productive  lifespan of 20 to 30 years. The pictures below detail the harvesting procedure:

Bunches Cutting: One harvester can typically cut between 100 and 300 large bunches (10-25 kg.) or  400 to 1,000 small bunches. (3-8 kg.) per day.
Bunches are transported to collection points. Bunches are delivered to the mills for the extraction process.

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